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Since 2010, Flexilant Works has been empowering businesses, focusing on business-critical individual software, especially on IBM Power i (AS/400) and IBM Z (mainframe), and thus has helped us contribute to the success of a few companies. We were formerly part of Tec-i-Log Software Solutions Pvt Ltd. (www.tec-i-log.co.in) But now, generational changes have required us to revolutionize the way we work, and subsequently revolutionize the way you work too. Businesses need essential decisions. This is precisely where we come into the picture. It doesn't matter whether you want to update or replace existing systems, we will help you find and effectuate the optimal path.

We have solved the legacy problems

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Software Analysis

Without being completely transparent about your inventory system, the future of your business can neither be determined nor implemented. With specialized tools in our arsenal with which we technically discern legacy code, structure it professionally and measure it qualitatively, you can make the right decisions and reach your goal, right on schedule.

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Application Development

We handle responsibilities for development and upgradation, all the way to the replacement of core systems. With a specialized team of UI/UX consultants, web developers and low-code experts, we will provide you with the most effective user interfaces and optimal process flows. You will be able to stand with us, no matter where your journey takes you.

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Why Work With Us?

We get results faster.

We incorporate both technology and human expertise in dealing with legacy problems. Now reach your goal faster with better results.

We’re reliable.

We might be relatively new, but rest assured, we have a clear company strategy and stable finances. You can always rely on us to bring you the most optimal solutions to your problems.

We’re team players.

We treat all our clients equally, and we hold mature software systems with regard. Together, we will revolutionize the way you work within your system, simultaneously accepting the emergence of a new generational change.

We’re sustainable

We constantly implement latest tech and enrich existing applications in order to optimise our innovative tools to give you an edge, the top of the cream.

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